19 Mukhi Rudraksha


RULING PLANET: SUN REPRESENTING DEITY: LORD VISHNU BENEFITS: For good luck and fulfilling materialistic desires and for success and growth


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।। दिव्य धुनी मकरंदे परिमल परिभोगा सच्चिदानन्दे श्रीपति पादारविन्दे भवभय खेद्दछिदे वन्दे ।।
One benefits by surrendering to the lotus feet of the lord and is blessed with enjoyment of life in all endeavours. Lord is the eliminator of stress and shields the wearer from negative energies.

Essence of Nineteen Mukhi Rudraksha:

In the Hindu pantheon, this beautiful four armed deity is responsible for protection and sustenance. Goddess Mahalaxmi, who confers wealth, is his divine consort. He is often depicted lying down on Anant Naag the 5 headed snake while Goddess Mahalaxmi sits near his feet lovingly tending to him. Lord Vishnu is addressed as Ananta (infinite) as well as Shunya (zero) in the Vishnu Sahasranama Stotram. Thus he is the divine energy that has infinite good qualities with zero defects. This is the energy you can tap into when you wear the 19 Mukhi Rudraksha.

This bead is known to fulfil all materialistic desires as per scriptures. It is the talisman of clarity that gives insight on running a successful business. This in turn draws tremendous wealth to the wearer. The wearer of this bead can undertake any work whether it involves business, politics, social activity or other endeavours. The 19 Mukhi Rudraksha eliminates stress, shields the wearer from negative energies. The Vishnu Shatpadi Stotram reveals the power of Lord Vishnu and the benefit of surrendering to his lotus feet that destroys worldly fear to bless us with complete enjoyment of material life.

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